Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet Steele

My boy....Steele This is my heart...we adopted Steele from a local rescue and he had my heart the first day we met. When we got him his hair was shaved down to the skin and he had a big fluff of fur on the end of his tail which my husband called his firecracker. I have to admit, I knew he was a sweetheart, but I did not think he was the most handsome dog I had ever Well, after the hair grew, so did his attractiveness, now he is commonly referred to as my handsome man. I also call him Joey the way he jumps straight up in the air every time I come home from work. He surely does not hide how he feels about his mommy. Just thought I would take a break from stampin' to share a little about myself! Hope your having a great day.

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