Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Card Buffet Prep

Whoever said having a card buffet was easy lied! It is not easy but it is sooo worth it. I love being able to prepare ahead of time and then getting to spend time talking to my friends while they are stamping. I find this much more relaxing for my stampers and for me. They don't have to stress someone is waiting on the next stamp or punch and I don't have to stress for those that seem to be a little antsy to get the ball rolling. They come, pick the cards they want to make and take their time stampin'. It's a win win all around. This is the early stages of my next buffet. I have 7 out of the 8 cards designed already! Just waiting to get a final headcount before I start cutting the cardstock. If you always wanted to rubber stamp or get tired of paying way to much for store bought cards, give my buffet a try...or better yet, give Stampin' Up! a try!! Blessings :)

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