Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We've Moved!!!

It has been a long, long, long, month but we have finally found ourselves settled (almost) in our new home.  We are still busy at work unpacking and organizing but it feels great to finally be here.  Our neighborhood is just awesome, very quiet and peaceful.  We only thought such quiet evenings could exist in fairy-tales. 

After finally get the necessities put away I have moved on to what I consider the biggest necessity and that is my craft room.  It took me a while of debating but I finally chose a color and it is.....drum roll please.....So Saffron.  I debated between this and my long time favorite Baha Breeze.  My craft room in my old house is Baha Breeze so I thought I would go with something "new" in my new house  :)

Here are a few pics of the room prior to getting the color on the wall and a few pics of the room as it progresses.  As you can see we are working around all of my supplies, which are still in boxes.

I will be posting a quick pic tomorrow of my first "batch" of cards I created in the new place.  I used a favorite quick and easy layout, I am sure you have seen me use before.

Happy Stampin!!!!


  1. LOVE it Kelli! And I LOVE the built in closets you have in your room too! Can't wait to see it! Hugs....Jennifer

  2. So glad you have your own space now to do your Stamping. I'm sure you will succeed in your classes that you hold in your new room. Good Luck!