Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did someone say Buffet???

I am sure someone I know is going to fall off their chair because I have actually UPDATED my blog. I think we all mean well when we start something new, like our New Year's Resolutions. We always start off strong and then we tend to get a little lazy. It's not for lack of ideas to blog about, it's just plain laziness. :)

I had my FIRST card buffet this past weekend and everyone loved it. I loved it too. I was able to mingle and chat with friends without having to instruct and be the center of attention (being the center of attention is something I dislike very much.) This is a glance at my buffet all set up and ready to go. There were 8 all occasion cards to choose from. I think there was at least one of each card made, which means I must have done an ok job on card designs. Thanks to my awesome up-line for letting me borrow some stamp sets and stamp pads. It's hard to have a buffet with clear stamp sets because you only have so many clear blocks!! God Bless until next time!!

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